A routine well-baby visit provides peace of mind. A little girl grows - and so does her medical history. OZ Systems brings it all together - making it interoperable, meaningful and impactful.

OZ Systems Continuum of Care covers everything from data linkages between legacy systems to rollout preparation, to 24-7 hosting services, product setup, supplemental training and mentoring.

Information technology in public health and public education is unique. Expertise in this arena is specialized, and required. OZ Systems teams are the balanced blend of technician, developer, academic and clinician.

Impact and quality. Two words that define the focus of education – at any age or grade level. And nowhere is this more critical than with the youngest learners. OZ IQ™ Educational Data System is the tool that evaluates both the impact and quality of early education programs.

About OZ Systems

OZ Systems develops and implements the world’s smartest information services and technology platforms - bridging crucial information gaps and helping children and families thrive through improved data accountability, performance measurement, quality certification, and analytics for healthcare, public health and public education.