OZ NANI™ – Newborn Admission Notification Information

Sharing newborn screening and newborn health information by hospitals and public health information systems isn’t optional, it’s essential and in most cases mandated.

OZ NANI™ (Newborn Admission Notification Information) is a messaging platform that bridges the health information gap by automating the merger of vital patient admission and demographic information and sharing that information with designated public health agencies or departments. The first of its kind in the public health domain, the platform performs the sizable task of translating health data from hospitals into the appropriate format needed by the department of health. It also establishes a newborn electronic public health record that may grow with and serve babies from birth through childhood.

In most cases, implementing OZ NANI™ aids in meeting Stage 2 meaningful use certification for electronic health information exchange.

"As someone who uses OZ Systems' EHDI information system every day, the electronic newborn admission notification (OZ NANI™) is a great time saver. Give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done." 

- Melba Addison, Methodist Hospitals of Dallas

Standardized Messaging

OZ NANI™ relies on standardized (HL7 V2 admission discharge and transfer) messages, which are widely implemented by most EHRs, but less commonly used to transmit information between institutions. OZ NANI™ utilizes demographics information collected in the hospital EHR system, as well as data from a baby’s screening tests to automatically and securely move through the OZ Systems platform and on to public health.

“It’s so easy now. We don’t have to manually re-enter the information needed to provide care. This eliminates errors and is clearly one of the values of effective health information technology."

- Olga Haug, RN, University Health System, San Antonio, TX