OZ Newborn Admission Notification Information

Sharing information between Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and Public Health (PH) information systems (IS) isn't optional, it's essential.  

OZ Systems’ electronic Newborn Admission Notification Information (NANI) messaging platform attempts to bridge this gap by automating the transfer of basic patient admission information on a newborn from a Birthing Hospital EHR to PH. The first of its kind in the public health domain, the new platform has the effect of establishing an electronic child health screening record that may grow with and serve babies from birth through childhood. It also supports a critical element for hospitals preparing for Stage 2 Meaningful Use certification for electronic health information exchange.

Standardized Messaging

It relies on standardized (HL7’s Admission Discharge and Transfer) messages which are widely implemented by most EHRs but less commonly used to transmit information between institutions. OZ Systems’ electronic Newborn Admission Notification Information (NANI) messaging technology utilizes demographics information collected in the hospital electronic health record system (and data from a baby’s screening tests) to automatically and securely move through OZ Systems’ platform to public health.

Utilizing demographics information collected in the hospital electronic health record system and the data from each baby’s screening tests, the information is automatically and securely sent through OZ Systems’ platform to the state’s newborn screening program.

Customized. Secure.

OZ NANI is a secure software set of tools that is part of the OZ Interoperability Toolkit. Its purpose is to assist state newborn screening programs gather timely, basic newborn admission information in order to establish an accurate denominator of hospital births for public health. With the license of the NANI tool, the state receives the following services and systems to assure its success:

  • NANI Test Tools are provided to assist hospitals configure, validate and submit successful ADT A01, A03 and A08 messages
  • A secure NANI server is provided to accept incoming messages from Hospital EHRs
  • A NANI filter is provided to filter the messages (where needed) to only accept appropriate and valid ; for example, only messages related to newborns
  • A NANI database is provided to temporarily store messages until final dissemination
  • NANI connectors - software tools OZ Systems has developed and customizes for each state information system so that the data from the hospital ADT messages can be submitted to a public information system in the format needed by that specific state program

“It’s so easy now. We don’t have to manually re-enter the information needed to provide care.
This eliminates errors and is clearly one of the values of effective health information technology."
~Olga Haug, RN, University Health System, San Antonio